E.L.O Fundraiser

E.L.O. is in the middle of our annual fundraiser and we need your help!  We need to sell 1,000 tickets for the Calendar Raffle in order to meet next year’s budget.
Tickets are $10 a piece.  A ticket is drawn each day from March 7th through April 5th for one of 30 prizes ranging in value from $35 to $300.  If your name is drawn, it still goes back in the pool for the remaining drawings.  Prizes include tickets and gift certificates to local places and events such as PAM Fest 2017 and Jay Peak Waterpark. Other prizes include a cord of firewood and 2 hours of landscape work.
Please help by selling or purchasing raffle tickets.  You may get tickets to sell from the E.L.O. Site Coordinator.  You may purchase tickets at one of the school offices or at the following businesses:  the Barnet Village Store, Bentley’s Bakery and Cafe, the Hastings Store, the Peacham Cafe and the West Barnet Quick Stop.
Thank you for supporting E.L.O.!