Report Card, Schedule Updates

Dear Parents,

all elementary report cards should be received by now, and 6, 7, 12 were mailed last week. If you did not receive it, please call Jason at the front desk at 684-2292.

Report cards for grades 8-11 are printed and envelopes are stuffed, waiting for the schedules. Scott is working overtime to enter all of these into PowerSchool this weekend!

The Middle School (7/8) schedule for next year is ready, and can be viewed via the links below.  Some changes may be made in August. To clarify which homeroom your student is in, match the teacher of the 1st period class with the label printed on the mailed report card.


If your student is new to Danville, Simon Fisher, 7-12 School Counselor, will be contacting you over the summer to set up a time to build a schedule. He can also be contacted at

A copy of the high school course schedule can be found on the main website page, under High School Info —-> Course Schedule 2017-18

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for some posts I didn’t get to during the year, and updated info as the new school year approaches. Until then, have a wonderful summer, and email anytime with questions!

Kind regards,

Kerin Hoffman, Principal

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