Urgent message: Blackout Game concerns

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Community Members,

We have recently become aware of a dangerous game called the Pass Out Game, Blackout Game or the Choking Game.  The game has several forms, the one that has surfaced locally is the most dangerous form.  In short, one person chokes another person until the individual passes out.  The game is popular because bystanders enjoy watching the victim fall and victims volunteer because the experience produces a temporary high.  Please talk to your children about the dangers of this game-including physical injury, lasting mental injury, and in some cases death.  Signs that individuals have participated in this game include bruising or marks around the neck, bloodshot eyes, headaches, and disorientation.  We care deeply about your children and want to make sure you have information that might assist you in preventing children from participating in this activity.


Dr. Mathew G. Forest

Superintendent, CCSU

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