Superintendent Round-table Discussions

From Dr. Forest

Superintendent Round-table Discussions: I will be hosting round-table discussions in each of our communities within CCSU, starting in Danville. The goal of these round-table discussions are to create a forum where parents can ask questions on topics that are important to them and share their hopes, concerns and thoughts about our schools. I will answer all questions to the best of my ability on these nights, or follow up with people at a later time.

This is not a forum to address specific concerns about individual faculty members or student specific issues as we must to be mindful of confidentiality. Such matters can and should be discussed directly with the individual involved, the building administration or with me at any time. The community participants will drive the discussion in an open dialogue round-table format. This is not a school board meeting, but an opportunity for us to come together as a community and discuss how to best meet the needs of our area students. All are welcome.

Possible topics include: CCSU goals around student achievement, communication, technology in the classroom, Danville / St Jay Academy partnership, student assessments, and any other topics the community feels pertinent. Sessions will begin with each group listing topics they would like to address. We will select the first topic and engage in a respectful discussion. To make these meetings manageable and valuable, I will be starting with discussions for Grades PK-5 on February 19th,  Grades 6-8 on January 31st,  and 9-12 February 5th, to be held at The Danville School at 6:00PM.

The sessions will begin with each group listing topics they would like to address. We will select the first topic engage in discussion and proceed as far as we can through topics given reasonable time constraints. Please let me know if you have any questions


Dr. Mat Forest, Superintendent

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