School Safety Procedures

Dear Parents,

in light of last week’s tragic events in Florida, below are some resources from the State of Vermont that may help to shed light on how schools react to safety concerns and respond when tragedies take place.

First, a guide on talking to students about the incident:

Second, a guide to school emergency procedures:

Third, a memo sent from Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe to all school administrators this weekend:


Danville School practices emergency drills each month, and many of you have seen us walking down Route 2 for an Evacuation Drill, or waited patiently outside as we completed a Lockdown Drill!

These safety procedures are why we ask you to buzz in when you arrive, or sign in, or let us know where you are headed. This is also why we ask you to keep an updated list of who can pick your student up from school, and keep us informed of any safety concerns at home or with family members. Combined with our cameras and the diligent planning of our school and regional Crisis Teams, these many small pieces form the whole picture of how we are working to keep students and staff safe.

If you have questions about any of these documents, or our procedures, please do not hesitate to call Principal Hoffman at 684-2292 or email to

Thank you-

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