5-1 Board Meeting Minute Highlights


                               Danville School Board Home Page

Regular Meeting  1 May 2018                               Access Full Minutes


  1.  TheBoard approved hiring a Middle School Guidance Counselor shared between Danville and Peacham Schools at 3.5/1.5 days per week, respectively, for next year.

    2.  The preK-Expansion Grant has been fully funded for its fourth and final year (FY 2018-2019).

    3.  The proposed CCSU-wide School Calendar for 2018-2019 is available for comment.  The Board welcomes input at its June 5th Regular Meeting, at which time approval is expected, or by email (see below).

  2.  New camera systems and keyless-entry security doorsare being installed at the School’s main entrance.  The gym door and others will also become keyless entries.  The Board will discuss new building access/entry procedures at its June 5th Regular meeting.
  3. Asummer ELO (Early Learning Opportunities) will not operate in Danville this year but will be available at other District Schools (Waterford, Barnet and Walden).  Plans for afterschool programs for Danville for the fall are being developed.
  4.  There is interest in developing anEMS/Firefighter program at Danville potentially using property (adjacent to Fire Station) in the hands of the Town and currently used for EMS services.
  5.  To promote student safety the Board is looking for apath from the School to the Town Sports fieldsthat avoids students walking along sidewalk-less Peacham Road.  A formerly used path off the nature trail is being investigated.
  6. The Principal Hiring Committee has completed its first round of candidate interviews.  [Update 5/20/2018: David Schilling, currently Principal at Cabot School, has been hired as Danville’s Principal beginning July 1st.]
  7. The Board approved the dissemination of these Minutes Highlights in addition to the formal meeting minutes to provide convenient access to its work and to facilitate public communication to the Board  See email links for comments/questions below.
  8. The Board is planning to contract the Vermont School Boards Association to assist it in developing an annual calendar of school matters it must address, e.g, budget, policy development and review, goals, ….

Access Full Minutes

                                               Email questions/comments to
Bruce Melendy Dave Towle  | Tim Sanborn | Ginni Lavely  | Robert Edgar 
or, if desirable,
send anonymously to the Board

Next Regular Board Meeting:  Tuesday, 5 June 2018 @ 6:00 pm @ Danville School


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