Host Families Needed for Exchange Students!

Dear Danville community,

During the past few years, Danville School has been lucky enough to host a number of exchange students, who have added immense value to our student body. Below is an email from one of the coordinators at CIEE – host families for next year are needed!

“Hi!  My name is Susan Kuegel and I am a Local Coordinator with CIEE. CIEE is looking for host families for our students arriving in August and I would love to bring our students to your school.  Those who work in our schools have, in the past, been a huge help in identifying great host families in their community or opening their homes and hosting themselves.  I’m hoping you will be willing to help by sharing this email or considering hosting yourself.

Exchange students are really brave kids who step outside their comfort zones to become part of new families, schools, and communities. They are smart, engaged, and excited to share their country’s culture, traditions, and language.  They believe that America welcomes the world.

Exchange students bring new perspectives that can open minds, creating opportunities for engagement and understanding that strengthen schools and communities alike. Many host families develop a relationship that lasts a lifetime with the student they host; I know my family certainly has.  There are pieces of my heart all over the world.

We have many students still awaiting a family to call their own and visa deadlines are fast approaching. Here is a bit of information about some of the female students we have been asked to place in Vermont; we certainly have a number of young men waiting as well who are equally as terrific.

 Alina is a 17 year old girl from Latvia who describes herself as an open person who is always looking for adventures, but at the same time is respectful, organized, easy going and open minded. She enjoys making new friends and has a great sense of humor. She has been dancing for about 10 years, and loves to draw, read, and write stories; she wants to write her own book in the future.   “If I become a part of your family, I will definitely cook our Latvian national dishes for you. I will be glad if you also teach me something new.”

 Nicole is a 16 year old girl from Italy who can be a little shy when first meeting people.  She loves laughing and tries to smile even in hard situations. She loves nature and animals; especially horses, but is allergic to cats and dogs.   Her passion is playing the piano which she has played since she was seven.  She also loves spending time with her friends, going to the cinema, traveling, and learning about new cultures. “In the future I’d like to become a person known for what she has done and to be an example for many people.”

 Natalia is a 17 year old girl from Slovakia who enjoys helping others and being very active.  She spends a lot of her free time on a ranch where she rides her mare, Sunny.  She loves all types of pets.  She really likes sports such as volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and ice-skating. “I love kids and I enjoy babysitting them. I’m looking forward to new adventure, new people I will meet and new things I will learn.” 

 Togzhan is a 16 year old girl from Kazakhstan who loves being surrounded by mountain and trees.  She likes reading classic romans and detective books and listens to every kind of music.  She enjoys learning about the history, language and geography of cultures.  She wants to try new activities and sports and join in clubs like drama.   “Going to the US will be an amazing opportunity to really describe to people that my country is worthy to be known to them. I’m truly honored to be a potential future member of your family.”

 Amar is a 15 year old girl from Lebanon whose name means “Moon” in arabic.  She is a social girl who is always ready to make new friends.  She considers herself to be funny and spontaneous; she does not like liars. Her interests include soccer, psychology and especially animation; she dreams of working for Disney’s Animation studios. My only hope is I get accepted in this program, so I can get this experience of a life-time. I hope you like me and I will try my best for us to get along well.”

 Mariya is a 16 year old girl from Ukraine who describes herself as funny, kind, active, cooperative, creative, and hard-working. Her favorite activity is postcrossing where postcards are exchanged all over the world.  She is also passionate about dancing and hopes to take classes in the US. “Although I haven’t decided exactly what my future job will be. But it’s going to be connected with English and law. I’m sure I’ll make a part of my American family. I hope see you!”

Thank you for considering helping with outreach, I truly appreciate any and all help.  Families can learn more about CIEE by visiting  or starting an application at  I’m certainly here to help as well and can be reached at

Peace – Susan

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