Facilities News – A well-deserved promotion, and surplus furniture

First things first – congratulations to Victor Benoit, our new Facilities Director! Victor has worked as a talented and valuable member of our custodial team for nearly 20 years, and is excited to put his skills to work in a leadership capacity. Victor worked in the electrical field before coming to Danville, and can truly fix just about anything. He’s also passed the unofficial summer-long job interview, gracefully and positively putting up with my self-admitted pickiness about all things building-related. We are excited to have him continue to take care of our community. With Victor’s promotion comes two open positions – one full time day and one part time evening buildings and grounds job. We welcome applications online at the links above, or by sending a cover letter and resume to us at school, attn: Facilities Search. 148 Peacham Rd, Danville, VT 05828, or kassie.thresher(at)ccsuvt.net

On the subject of facilities, over the years, Danville, like all schools, has generated furniture that has outlived its classroom usefulness. We do our best to reuse and repair, but some items would just be better in someone’s shop or garage. Friday, from 6:30 AM to 1:30 PM, we’re offering our surplus furniture to the community. Folding tables, desks, chairs, etc. will be available…come offer us what you think it’s worth as a donation, and take it away! First come, first serve. Most items will be in the shop area. A few people have already asked to come early – we welcome that, and I’ll keep the Facebook page updated with what’s left before Friday.

Many more updates to follow, as we get closer to the start of school. I look forward to meeting everyone!

-Dave Schilling, Principal


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