new faces.

As many of you were aware, we started the summer with several positions still left to be hired. While late season hiring is a tricky process, and this is never a great position for a school to be in, we were extremely fortunate to recruit some truly excellent candidates, and we look forward to a strong year ahead.

Danielle Scott will be stepping into the role of Elementary School Counselor. Danielle earned her B.A in psychology from the University of Vermont, and has just completed a Masters program in counseling from the University of the Southwest. Her combination of mental health counseling experience and a decade of owning a childcare business will be an asset to our youngest learners.

This year, 5th and 6th grade students will be together for morning meeting, closing circle, lunch, recess and specials. Math, science, and ELA will be taught in grade level groupings. Our intention is to encourage opportunities for peer connection and collaboration. It will also help us to fully utilize the diverse strengths of our teaching team, and hopefully encourage staff longevity, giving teachers a stable platform to develop practice, rather than jumping from grade to grade each year.

Our 5th and 6th grade team this year is comprised of:

Chris Rapoza (math focus) – Chris needs little introduction, as a long time and well respected Danville teacher. She is excited about continuing to bring her love for the outdoors into her classroom, and to take a leadership role in actively developing a solid and lasting grades 5-6 culture and community at Danville. She also absolutely can’t wait for Nature’s Classroom!

Emily Shopland (science focus) – Danville is very lucky to have Emily joining our team this year. A native of Hardwick, she most recently worked at Rhode Island’s Compass School, bringing science to live through innovative, student-centered programming.

David Cassidy (ELA focus) – David joins us for the year as a long-term substitute for Tanna Elliott, out on maternity leave. David comes to education as a second career, getting his start in the world of publishing. He has most recently taught middle and high school English and Drama at Oxbow Union School.

We also have a very familiar face returning for the start of the year. Librarian positions are tough to fill, and mid-June is not the time to start looking. We are grateful that Caroline DeMaio will be returning to Danville in the position of long-term library substitute, giving us some additional time to find a strong leader for our library program. Caroline was our school librarian for 10 years, and while retired, is excited to spend the fall with us, helping to get the library back on its feet and ensure a smooth transition.

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