9/4 School Board Meeting Highlights

Highlights, with links to documents,  from September 4th’s board meeting are now available on the school board website.

Minutes HIGHLIGHTS – 4 September 2018
1. In the past several weeks the Board has presented to the State Board of Education
(SBE) a proposal for Danville School to remain unmerged with Cabot in respect to Act 46.
While the Danville Board has drafted proposals, testified at the State House and summoned support from throughout the school system in support of its position to move forward independently, the voice of the Danville community will also be a consideration in the SBE decision. Consequently, the Board urges citizens of the Town to communicate in writing their support for our proposal directly to the SBE. The proposal is well summarized in the oral testimony of Chair Melendy in August to the SBE and in the longer written response submitted by the Board regarding its position. The final decision of SBE is expected in October.
Email communication to krista.huling@vermont.gov (SBE, Chair).
Postal communication to State Board of Education, Agency of Education, 219 North Main
Street, Suite 402, Barre, VT 05641.
Relevant documents and addresses are on the Danville School Board website Home Page.

2. All School staff engaged in an ALICE* training workshop in late August, designed to
sharpen school-wide and individual responses to physically aggressive threats, including
active shooters, to the School. Five staff members are also ALICE certified trainers and in the future are expected to train new staff and refresh the practices of the present staff.

3. Fifteen (15) MacBook Pros (Apple) were leased for use by the Art Department for the
next 4 years.

4. The School will be filling 3 positions with respect to Student Services: (1) academic
support of grades 4-6, (2) proactive, behavioral support for grades 1-2, and (3) a life-skills
position to work 1-on-1.

5. Safety concerns with respect to Route 2 continued to be addressed by considering the
installation (not just the purchase) and regulatory hurdles associated with a proposed “slow down” sign. The Principal reported an agreement with Danville United Methodist Church on the Green to serve as a rally point during school evacuations.

6. The new security system cameras and keyless door locks have been installed. Receipt of IP numbers for systems components is expected to enable completion of the installation in about a week.

7. The 2018-2019 edition of the Danville School Handbook for Students and Parents was
adopted by the Board, and printed copies are expected soon.

8. The Board approved the donation of old security system components, server
and monitor – to the Bath Village School in Bath, NH.

9. A discussion of the resurrection of the After School Program was added to the agenda
for the October meeting.

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