October Board Highlights

Danville School Board
Regular Meeting of 2 October 2018 Access Full Minutes
1. The Principal reported that “challenging behaviors” have increased in the elementary grades. These are behaviors that require student removal, even temporarily, from the classroom, ones that extend beyond the ability of teachers to address themselves using classroom consequences. However, the installation of a new behavioral intervention tracking/reporting system has permitted better management of this problem. Also, with some new staff trained in behavioral intervention and a shift from reactive to proactive intervention the increase is expected to be stemmed.
2. The student representative on the Board, Eve Codling, reported on the Student Council’s development of a homecoming, spirit week (10/8-10/13) in recognition of the soccer and cross-country teams. She also indicated students had expressed interest in the creation of a group of student tutors to assist others wanting extra help.
3. The Principal brought major facilities needs to the attention of the Board: replacement of oil-fired boilers and repair of wood chip boiler for heating, renovation of the cafeteria floor and bathroom stalls and fixtures and conversion of some lighting to more efficient LED systems.
4. Repairs and renovations to the sports playing turf and facilities at the Town Field were authorized from the Sevigny Fund.
5. Addressing school community and public concerns about school climate, the Board encouraged a collaboration among the parties involved: “Surveys, press releases and social media will not solve this issue. People willing to work together collaboratively will resolve many issues, while policies, laws and the the proper chain of command are being followed. The Danville School Board encourages this to happen.”
6. The Principal reported that he had been able to move re-institution of the After School
Program forward to the point where he was beginning to address hiring staff so that it could resume soon. He estimated the number of students interested in the program at 43 (age 4 and younger) with a contemplated daily fee of $3-5.
7. The newly installed security system for the building is completed except for some final software configuration.
8. With respect to the Act 46 merger process, the Board indicated that no decision had been made yet by the State Board of Education (SBE) on Danville’s and Cabot’s stand-alone AGS proposals, but that Representative Toll had sent the SBE a letter (copy in minutes) supporting both school districts’ desire to remain independent of one another.
9. Again, with respect to Act 46, the Board joined a lawsuit by Vermonters for Schools and
Communities as plaintiff in opposing forced merger of the Danville and Cabot School Districts, should that be the decision of SBE. The School Board will reassess its position as a plaintiff based on the costs and prospects just before the suit is filed.

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