November Board Highlights

1. Board continued working with the Town of Danville to install a solar powered, radar, speed-feedback sign on Rt 2 near the tennis courts to slow down eastwardly flowing traffic as it approaches the School. An additional sign on Peacham Road is being considered. The Board has allocated $4000 toward these signs.
2. Eve reported the great success of Homecoming/Spirit week, and the successful involvement of elementary school students in the activities. Cole proposed anti-tobacco and other signs be placed at the athletic fields to reinforce messages about student health. The Principal indicated the School would cover the cost of the signs.

3. Martin Larrabee Construction was awarded the snow removal contract for the school – a job that it has had for several years.
4. Two groups of administrators and teachers attended training sessions for preventing hazing, harassment and bullying (HHB) sponsored by the Vermont School Boards Insurance Trust. As a result some aspects of the school’s bullying policy are being considered.

5. The Superintendent and Principal are looking at (1) growth in the Engineering and Sustainable Systems Program and contemplating offering it in larger time blocks and adapting it to incoming tuition students, and (2) expanding life-skills educational offerings in the Special Education Program.
6. The after-school program now has the priority of hiring staff.
7. As of mid-November the new school security system was one-technician’s-visit away from being completely functional and users trained.
8. The State Board of Education has provisionally accepted Danville’s Act 46 AGS proposal to not merge, and it has recommended Cabot and Twinfield be added to the CCSU as independent school districts. A final decision is expected on November 30th.

9. The Board authorized up to $11,000 for a major physical upgrade of two student bathrooms by replacing all the stalls with new, more durable, non-rust, graffiti-resistant, high-grade plastic ones.
10. The wood chip boiler used for heating is being repaired and its feeder system is being redesigned to restore it to being operational.

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