February Board Highlights

Minutes Highlights
February 5th, 2019

(1) The Superintendent has proposed a Social Media policy (Code F6) for the entire SU community, including Danville. The policy is expected to be discussed at the CCSU regular board meeting of March 18, 2019 in Walden.

(2) The student representatives reported that a school-wide puppetry project was well underway to display the strengths of the Danville community and was target to showcase  on Senior Night. This project – Project Connect – is coordinated and led the School’s Artist-in-Residence for the year, Barbara Paulson, of the Creative Schools Initiative in Montpelier.

(3) Principal Schilling has proposed a modification of the graduation requirements , primarily by modifying the accumulated credits be semester-based rather than course-based. The modified requirements are poised for adoption at the boards’ March regular meeting.

(4) Danville School has 3 voting members on the CCSU Board; these members (currently Bruce, David and Robert) are elected by the Danville Board during its reorganization each March. Procedures for the CCSU procedures have been modified to permit that if these elected members should be unable to attend a meeting, they may be replaced by another Danville board member who may vote in their stead.

(5) New stalls for the elementary bathrooms in the first-grade hallway and the high school bathrooms were “delivered” but were unable to be unloaded with available machinery due to their weight. Their packaging is being reconfigured off-site so they can be delivered and installed soon thereafter.

(5) A public petition asked board to consider raising Danville School Board director’s annual stipend above the current $300. The board considered the proposal but choose not to make any change. There was uncontested sentiment among members that the financial and time costs of the job were discounted when they ran for office. The board preferred if such a proposal were to be considered again that it be brought before a decision of the voters of the town rather than decided by the board itself.

(6) Principal Schilling’s recommendation that the Board set limits for exchange of students under the public high choice law (16 VSA 822a) be set at a minimum of 5% and maximum of 10% of the resident student population, as they had been in the past.

(7) During a very brief discussion of the FY20 budget it was noted that increase in tax rate was estimated to more (c. 2/3) due to an increase in educational spending and less (c. 1/3) due to a loss of students, FY18-19 enrollment increased by 2, but the equalized pupil calculated count decreased by 8. The tax rate is tied the equalized pupil count.

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